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Unbound blocklist does not seem to be working since update to 22.7.9

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I use unbound in resolver mode and for blocklist i use the URL method to download https://dbl.oisd.nl/. 

I see in the log that it is downloading "blocklist download https://dbl.oisd.nl/ (lines: 980762 exclude: 0 block: 980754)"

But sites in the list are not being blocked. This had worked prior to the update.

I have the same issue with Unbound.

Workaround is to disable the blocklist in unbound (but keep unbound enabled), and setup a different blocker on virtual server, and point internal requests to that. Right now it will go from *hole > unbound >

any clue in unbound logs?

I don’t see anything in the logs. All indications are it is downloading list, etc but just not blocking. Dns lookup of a site on the list provides the actual ip.

My solution has been to turn off the blocklist and use forwarding to nextDNS.

sorry, nothing to hook on for debugging.
unbound blocklists work has been migrated to the python module, which (imho) should give a speed gain (no blocklist load to unbound ) and very interesting prospects for logging\analyzing blocked addresses lookups..
since this just happened, there may be a conflict with some (custom?) settings. perhaps enabling debug logging and/or query logging would help..


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