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netgraph change: will need adjustment?

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--- Quote from: pvols1979 on February 01, 2020, 09:38:08 pm ---I was able to make the modification mentioned in this thread.  I simply created a /boot/loader.conf.local file and put the required modules in it.  I have a guide on my site to setting up the bypass using the pfatt method and I posted an update to my article regarding the changes and what is required to make it work.  Everything is working fine on my system and the local loader file should protect me against the next update.

--- End quote ---

So I'm new to opnsense, still don't have it up and running, but I had blindlessly upgraded my pfsense to which broke my.pfatt workaround due to freebsd upgrading apparently.

Curious if your method on the linked site is still working on opnsense as I had hoped to make the switch? Already installed the latest opnsense img to my machine, just need to pop in the necessary files and switch all my ONT and gateway cables and such (time is very limited however when you take the internet down in the household however 😬😬😬)


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