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netgraph change: will need adjustment?

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Given that I *DEPEND* on the pfatt module to authorize my ONT, will the netgraph change called out in the release notes cause me grief?

thanks (I don't dare try it as I don't want to be knocked offline).

We simply don't load the drivers on boot, but you can put the file back if you have any issues. I don't know pfatt or what this could possibly imply.


I wound up with having to add the file referenced as /boot/loader.conf.local and restoring my interface config to get all my vlans, et al, right.

Hopefully that survives the next major upgrade.

Could you provide more details? I use the pfatt script as well and I am hesitant to move to 20.1 because of this

Thanks in advance!

I was able to make the modification mentioned in this thread.  I simply created a /boot/loader.conf.local file and put the required modules in it.  I have a guide on my site to setting up the bypass using the pfatt method and I posted an update to my article regarding the changes and what is required to make it work.  Everything is working fine on my system and the local loader file should protect me against the next update.


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