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[Solved] Accessing an internal webserver

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Update: See last post for the simple solution


I just installed Opnsense and things are working well.  However, I have encountered an unexpected issue.  Here is what I am seeing:

I used named-based web-hosting and so my external hostname is both and  These go to the same server and Apache uses the DNS to send me to the right site and SSL is in use.

If I am on an external network, I can access without an issue.  This is through port 443 and https, and I have a rule setup allowing access to an internal server say

The problem occurs if I am on my internal network.  Now, let's say that I want to access the SSL site on  The first thing that I try is to go to  However, this does not work.  I think that the problem is due to DNS resolving the public IP and then Opnsense trying to send the GUI which creates an error.  Going to does not work because it provides the website and not

I tried changing the GUI to a different port and now the internal requests to time out.  What can I do to enable access to

Thank you!

Run an internal DNS server and provide split DNS


Okay, I will explore that.  Thank you. 

For future reference, I created a temporary workaround.  Specifically, I enabled port-based web-hosting for  In this scenario, I created another vHost inside of Apache and set to be accessible by going to

This is not the ideal solution and is a bit of a hack.  I will look at the internal DNS server option.

Thank you.


No need to use internal DNS server.
The trick is to use NAT reflection in your port forwarding config.

See description in this post:

Kind regards,

Unfortunately, the NAT reflector thing did not work for me. I have no idea why. I posted on that thread.


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