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where can I download the full documentation to read it off-line ?


I am in the process of attempting my first opnSense installation to replace my current router.

In the meantime I have to move my WAN to the router and sometimes I get off-line.

I can't find a link to download the full docs in PDF or whatever format do you offer other than using a robot to download all the HTML links (very cumbersome to say the least).

Is there a place where the docs are available for direct download ?

I did search the directories on one of the mirrors and find nothing at all regarding docs.

Clone the GitHub repo? https://github.com/opnsense/docs

Thanks for your reply  ;)

I was inspecting the git source directories you pointed me to, and, for example, the manual files are in rst files supposedly to be transformed to HTML/and-whatnot via make html and the like (presumably requiring freeBSD as the base OS)

The problem is my desktop is running linux not BSD, and besides, I expected something more straightforward like the links on freeBSD documentation allowing you to download split/whole documents (eg: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/).

I am not complaining, I just think that some links with ready-access docs will be help more people getting up and running without wasting time building docs and the like, furthermore, giving this distro is oftenly used as router/gateway to the net and even a subtle/minor not-quite-yet-understood change for a beginner can drop the internet connection. My two-cents.

You can build the docs on Linux, just as an FYI. Fair point though, a downloadable documentation would be pretty neat.

If GNU make does not work, try to install bmake (BSD make). The build itself requires just python and some pip packages.


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