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Hi everyone,

It's time to start the list of things we've done since 16.1 was released:

o SSL fingerprinting / blacklisting in the IDS/IPS
o Firewall rules category tags for easy filtering
o CPU temperature graph in system health
o Custom mirror support for firmware upgrades
o OpenVPN client-specific overrides can now be bound to selected servers
o Added RFC 4638 support (MTU > 1492 in PPPoE)
o NTP can now be disabled if required
o New category-based remote ACL support in proxy server
o ICAP configuration aded to proxy server
o Pluggable service infrastructure
o Pluggable syslog infrastructure
o Finished a full sweep of visible GUI pages for improved look and feel
o HTTPS proxy support
o Russian translations 100% completed
o NetFlow export to multiple remote destinations
o NetFlow local reporting frontend
o PPTP, L2TP and PPPoE Servers ported to MPD5
o HAProxy plugin
o Traffic shaping with CoDel / FQ-CoDel
o Firewall alias geolocation support
o Cron GUI and API
o Japanese translations 100% completed
o Dashboard revamp with multi-column support, drag and drop and mini API
o RFC 6238 (TOTP) support for two-factor authentication
o HardenedBSD's ASLR implementation
o High availability page for remote service status and start/stop/restart
o API commands for remote reboot and power off
o Firmware page resume support and cron-based "nightly" updates
o opnsense-patch, the tremendously nifty patching tool
o Traffic graphs frontend has been replaced by a modern alternative
o PPTP, L2TP and PPPoE Servers are now individual plugins no longer found in the default installation
o Pluggable interface infrastructure
o New firewall page for custom scrubbing rules
o No more custom PHP modules
o FreeBSD 10.3
o UEFI/GPT boot media / install
o Suricata 3.1 with Hyperscan support


I actually really appreciate the CPU temp graph. I actually do alot of hardware work in real life and its a huge hobby at home. seeing temp changes over time help me modify the router for better operation. Especially when I deploy the same machine to higher test environments. Temperature is a huge issue since some of the environments are not forgiving. CPU Temp over time really tells me the overall effectiveness of a cooling solution I have employed and is far more beneficial than simply seeing the CPU temp at any given time.

We've reached BETA state now, I've updated the list with the latest goodies.

Hi franco,

I tested opnsense a long time ago, and saw now from roadmap for 16.7 that traffic accounting is to be born :)

I am now downloading 16.1 to upgrade it for 16.7 and give it a try.

is there a plan for 16.7 to be released?



Hi none,

Schedule for 16.7 is the same as it ever was: 16.7 in July (07) 2016. However, the NetFlow export/report bits will already be available with 16.1.14 this week. We've tested them a lot longer than usual, and now they are ready for general use. :)



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