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Wireguard Site-to-site issue


Hi there,

I have a problem with my Wireguard site-to-site setup. I have succesfully created a Wireguard connection between two sites. Site A's LAN is and site B's LAN is On a device connected at site A or site B, I am able to access systems on the other site without problems. For example, a NAS at site B is able to send rsyslog messages to a server at site A using address

So now the issue. I would also like the OPNsense router at site B te send it's logging to I entered that address in de OPNsense configuration (in System, Settings, Logging/targets) but no log messages arrive on the site A server. I tried Interfaces, Diagnostics, Ping on the site B router, but this fails. When I ping from a laptop at site B it works fine.

Can someone help me please?

Thanks, Bas Nijhuis.

I have solved it myself. It was a Wireguard misconfiguration. When I logged into the router using SSH and used "ifconfig" I noticed that both routers used as interface address. This must have caused the issue somehow. After I used as "Tunnel Address" on site A and on site B the issue was solved.


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