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My First Opnsense Build with an Atom C2758


Not really a newb to pfsense / opnsense BUT new to this forum :)

Just won a new mother board on ebay today. Supermicro MBD-A1SRI-2758F-O with the Atom C2758 8 core cpu. Ordered 16 gigs of DDR Ecc memory for it, 2 x8 to get better channel speed. Not sure of what chassis i will end up with, maybe a supermicro front panel 1u rack mount case & pcie - dual 10g port nic.

For now, i'll just use a pair of 1gig nic's on the board. I have Telus business Fibre @ home 1gig symmetrical internet.

I'll post pictures of my build as I go. Parts have shipped, now to wait.

any news?

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