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Filtering routes with FRR and OSPF

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I don't understand your recommendation. I have added nothing in the Networks tab. If I try to add an entry in the Networks tab there are references to the prefix lists I created, but I don't know the purpose of this dialogue.

Leave the Interface tab empty beside type and PW. Area and Network in network tab .. also the prefix list. Direction in is filtering received routes, out is adjusting sending routes

Ok, I set up a pair of test boxes and tried to follow your advice. This is what I have for a config on test box A:

--- Code: ---Current configuration:
frr version 7.4
frr defaults datacenter
hostname ldc01a.localdomain
log syslog
router ospf
 redistribute connected
 network area
 area filter-list prefix wan out
ip prefix-list wan seq 10 deny
line vty

--- End code ---

Here's the routing table on test box B:

--- Code: ---N 100 Directly Attached em1
R 207.228.103.a 100 em1
N E2 100 em1
N E2 100 em1

--- End code ---

The problems:

* I am seeing the WAN address of test box A in the routing table of B (line 2)
* I am seeing the WAN network of A in the routing table of B (line 4)I tried removing "redistribute connected" from the config but then no routes are shared from A to B. I also tried adding the interface as a passive interface but this did not have the desired effect of sharing that route to B in the absence of "redistribute connected".

I didn't have much luck with OSPF over my openvpn tunnel, but I can share a BGP config that works, if that helps:

--- Code: ---router bgp 65530
 bgp router-id
 no bgp ebgp-requires-policy
 neighbor remote-as 65530
 address-family ipv4 unicast
  redistribute connected
  redistribute static
  neighbor next-hop-self
  neighbor prefix-list marvin-in in
  neighbor prefix-list marvin-out out
ip prefix-list marvin-in seq 10 permit le 32
ip prefix-list marvin-out seq 10 permit

--- End code ---


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