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How to free up the space occupied by flowd.log


Hi everyone,

I saw that the flowd.log file occupies about 80 gb and so I wanted to free this space from the disk.
What is the procedure to be done safely so that also in the future I can do it other times if needed?
Through gui it seems to me that I have not seen anything just a reset log file but it had no effect on disk space.

Thank you all.

I disabled the log parser because it was pegging a CPU. My dual 10 gig, with dual 40 gig internal links, were handling to much traffic for the python code to process efficiently.

I think stopping the parser caused the log files to stop rotating eventually filling up my firewall disks. I had to ssh in, remove the file manually, and restart all services for the space to actually get freed (while troubleshooting, I rebooted, which is probably why I needed to restart the services, and free the file handle to the log).

I wish there was a way to fix this. Either with a much more efficient parser, or the ability to disable/limit collection so this doesn't happen again.


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