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Unbound service routinely stopping/crashing following 20.7.7 update

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Pretty much as the subject states. All working fine before update, updated fine, but then noticed that Unbound service had just stopped. Managed to log into the GUI to restart, but this is now happening routinely. Anybody else experiencing this?

Anything in the logs? Do you use DNSBL?

No don’t use DNSBLs, just a Pi-hole.
Looking at the Unbound logs, I can’t see anything obvious which would suggest a service failure, but that may be my limited knowledge.

2020-12-18T08:09:47   unbound[36701]   [36701:0] info: start of service (unbound 1.13.0).   
2020-12-18T08:09:47   unbound[9063]   daemonize unbound dhcpd watcher.   
2020-12-18T08:09:46   unbound[36701]   [36701:0] notice: init module 0: iterator   
2020-12-18T07:53:33   unbound[81533]   [81533:2] notice: sendto failed: Permission denied   
2020-12-18T07:29:56   unbound[81533]   [81533:0] info: start of service (unbound 1.13.0).   
2020-12-18T07:29:55   unbound[48254]   daemonize unbound dhcpd watcher.   
2020-12-18T07:29:55   unbound[81533]   [81533:0] notice: init module 0: iterator   
2020-12-18T01:04:07   unbound[9402]   [9402:3] notice: sendto failed: Permission denied

Please check the interfaces it is listening to. Maybe there is something wrong. Change this setting and hit save. Then change it back and save again.

Same/comparable issue on my end. Although my configuration is using DNSBL.

--- Code: ---2020-12-18T09:20:51 kernel -> pid: 63934 ppid: 1 p_pax: 0xa50<SEGVGUARD,ASLR,NOSHLIBRANDOM,NODISALLOWMAP32BIT>
2020-12-18T09:20:51 kernel [HBSD SEGVGUARD] [unbound (63934)] Suspension expired.
2020-12-18T09:20:51 kernel pid 63934 (unbound), jid 0, uid 59: exited on signal 11
--- End code ---

What additional info can I/we append to investigate this issue further? Should we revert to the previous version?


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