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How to access web interface remotely [Solved, my stupid fault!!]


Hi, i installed the latest 20.7.4 OPNSense into a VPS server, actually i'm connecting to the web interface from wan side but i would like to use the standard lan side; for this i correctly configured the OVPN server and i can succesfully connect from my home PC to it, i have also been able to ping the OPNSense LAN IP but if i disable the rules that allow me to connect to the web interface via wan then i can still ping the lan ip but cannot connect to the web interface anymore.
What i would lke to do is to being able to open the web interface after being connected to the vpn but for now i'm lost..
Is there anybody helping me please?
Thank you in advance!!!

Please send screenshots of your firewall rules on all interfaces including floating.

OK, below all the screenshots, when i disable the red marked rule in WAN interface and uncheck the red marked option in Firewall--->Setting---->Advanced (Disable replay-to), even if i connect the VPN i can't enter the web interface, instead, when everything is like in the screenshots i can enter the web interface from WAN directly (that it's what i don't want but i need to untill i will be able to enter from the VPN...)

So sorry guys i'm an idiot!!
I was trying to access the web interface from the public IP instead of from the OPNSense's LAN IP...
Connected from the VPN and giving the correct IP it work like a charm!!
I think i opened a so stupid  thread that it should be deleted by an admin as it's so unusefull...
Sorry again and thank you all again too.  :P


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