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Have tried to follow several howto's on how to setup Wireguard on opnsense ... No matter what I do I cannot get the Wireguard/wg0 interface to show up in Interfaces -> Assignments.

Here is a list of the howto's I've gone through, they all seem to be very well documented ...

* https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/OPNsense_WireGuard_VPN_for_Road_Warrior_configuration
* https://docs.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/wireguard-client.html
* https://homenetworkguy.com/how-to/configure-wireguard-opnsense/
* https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/11/16/setting-up-wireguard-on-opnsense-android/
* https://listed.to/@lissy93/18842/how-to-mullvad-vpn-using-wireguard-on-opnsense

Ok, what version of OPNsense are you running?

Please provide a graphical network plan and you WireGuard config.

Do you see a WireGuard section in the Firewall rules? Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin?

When WireGuard cant start cause of misconfig, it wont add an interface. Best to check via CLI:

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/wireguard restart


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