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How to find out rule numbers?



Im trying to set up a logging server where im sending logs from opnsense to. The rule numbers are sent to the logging server but the rule decription is not, im trying to match the rule number I got from the log to the rule number in opnsense to set a description in grafana manually. Is there a way to lookup all rule numbers + description somewhere in opnsense ?

I know this is an old post now, but I have just run into the same problem. I would like to get a rule id to description/name mapping out of opnsense. Anyone know where to start?

For anyone googling this, the best I have come up with is to look at /tmp/rules.debug which contains rule ID's and then descriptions as a comment. Then some grep/sed/awk magic you can probably get what you want...

EDIT: forgot to say that "pfctl -vvsr" is also needed to get the rule number to label mapping :)

"pfctl -vvsr" - gives rule id (e.g. 179) to label (e.g. b6da060442c571d1957683eaace57cce)
"/tmp/rules.debug" - gives label (e.g. b6da060442c571d1957683eaace57cce) to description (e.g. "allow ssh in")


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