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Upgrading from 15.1.x in 10 minutes or less


Upgrading made easy!
We have been telling everybody how easy upgrading is in OPNsense, with 15.7 the "Brave Badger" it is time to show you how an upgrade from 15.1.12 to 15.7 is done in under 10 minutes

I upgraded our production system and made some screenshots, the process takes 5 minutes with ~2 minutes of total downtime due to base system upgrade (kernel & packages).

( 1 ) Check version
We are on 15.1.12-amd64

( 2 ) Go to Firmware page
We have a nice clean firmware upgrade page

( 3 ) Click to check now
Click on the button and watch it fetch the update list

( 4 ) 25 updates!
The whole system uses packages! (see package: opnsense 15.7)

( 5 ) If we need a reboot
Since this upgrade requires a reboot for kernel and package upgrades, you will see a warning. In many cases you won't need a reboot.

( 6 ) 08:29:27 - Pressed Ok

( 7 ) Upgrade in progress..
You can watch the upgrade in progress and see the system fetching the upgrades one by one and aplying them

( 8 ) Warning you the reboot is taking place..
Usually OPNsense will be booted in 5 minutes... or less ;)

( 9 ) 08:50:38 -  Done upgrading now rebooting  (up until now the system was still available for our users)
... waiting ...

( 10 ) DONE!
We had 2 minutes of total downtime due to the required reboot as you can see.
Everything is up and running.. now isn't this easy?

Mine was 3 mins in total :)


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