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Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your product... I really love to use a decent interface based on a decent firewall !! ;)
One suggestion I have is to support interface based route.

I was adding route like:
route add -inet 195.154.XX.XX/32 -link -iface em0

before 15.1.12 with /etc/hostname.em0 and /etc/rc.conf, but since last upgrade I'm not able anymore to set them automatically on startup...

How could I implement this option ? I don't even know where to start looking in the code. I'm a robust PHP dev  ;) but I have never played with phalcon...

Thanks anyway for your efforts to bring back pleasant firewalls !!

Hi there, thanks, I think you may be looking for this fix which will also be in tomorrow's 15.7:

Let me know whether that helps or not.

Yep! this seems to do the trick for the CLI part...  :)

Anyway I'd be glad to help on GUI dev if needed, but I'm a little bit stuck doesn't knowing where to start for this...

But topic could be set as 'SOLVED'

Thanks a lot for your quick answer, and sorry for my bad english...  ;D

Taken care of. And no worries about the English. :)

We'd love some help with the system, here are two pointers...

How to start hacking on the GUI:

Known issues that need help from new contributors:

If you have a GitHub account feel free to send pull requests, that's the easiest way to bring code in and to review/discuss.

If you need more help, the IRC channel on FreeNode is #OPNsense

PS: Why does "System: Routing: Routes" not do the job for your use case?


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