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15.1 Development Milestones


Hi all,

I think we initially missed the opportunity to showcase the work we did before 15.1 went online on January 2nd. A lot has happened since then, but that's for another day. :)

Here is the list of notable changes that we feel made the project unique back then:

o PHP 5.6, Bootstrap GUI and Glyphicons conversion
o FreeBSD 10.0 as the base system
o Removed the quantum-entagled “admin” user, it was pointing to “root” causing inconsistencies
o Introduced code style based on PSR1/PSR2 as well as repository-wide whitespace cleanups
o 2 Clause BSD license approach with all code being available on GitHub
o SHA-512 for password hashes (previously was MD5)
o Packaged core.git to avoid clobbering the actual base system
o Rewrote tools.git from scratch
o Introduced ports.git and src.git
o Brought used parts of ports.git in sync with FreeBSD ports
o Live-mount mode of core.git for development
o Thorough refactoring of the bsdinstaller, pushed into ports.git for easy access
o Introduced Phalcon for upcoming MVC rewrite
o Rewrote parts of the captive portal in MVC
o Introduced pkgng as the core tool for firmware upgrades
o Disabled the legacy packaging system

Feel free to discuss this or ask questions.

Meanwhile, warm greetings to everyone from the initial OPNsense team: Ad, Franco & Jos

AWESOME work guys!


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