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Q how to validate if CARP is working properly with cluster


I have it setup between two instances and it appears to be working but how can I validate its working correctly internally (from the gui or shell of opnsense)? I remember searching online for this in the past and did't find anything straight forward that answered this.


Hi bbrendon,

Ad rewrote the Sync bits, I am sure he'll be able to help when he is back from his vacation next week. Maybe I can find some info as well, I'll be back...


Bump. Still looking for a solution to this. :)

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Hi bbrendon,

If you want to check if the hasync part does it's bit, then just add a rule and look if the slave catches it.
(I rewrote the server part of the xmlrpc sync, the client still has to be done, but it should function nicely).

The easiest check for CARP I know, you should only perform during maintenance hours. Setup a connection from within the network behind the firewall and open a ssh (or other continuous) connection to somewhere and shutdown the master (or pull one of it's network plugs). The slave should take over and your ssh connection should still be fine (without loosing the connection).

Or where you looking for something else?



I was expecting a way from inside the firewall CLI.


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