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I just reviewed some aspects of OPNsense. While I still am shy to give my support behind OPNsense it sounds like an interesting project.

What do you have planned in regard of the multitude of problems with apinger? Especially the much needed possibility to use more than one Monitor IP to get stable failover working? I have a bug request open in pfsense and there is another one open for about on or two years and not much has been done.

Also I would like to see better tinc integration, as I have to locally patch the tinc package to work for me and it is not very well integrated in the GUI. I would need to make use of traffic shaping and may be limiting. Also the rate process which shows the graphics in the dashboard (maybe statistics as well, did not check that) double counts interface data. Because the tinc interfaces uses the same network with a bigger mask (/24 versus /22) it seems to ad the traffic twice.

If I see this issues addressed in some form or another ... or if it would be easy to integrate tinc into OPNsense myself I maybe interested in working that out. But it is not easy to integrate something in pfsense, especially for outsiders, it seems a bit messy if you look at the integration pfsense <-> freebsd.

Hope to get some feedback,

Hi Ray,

it's alright to be shy. We're here to deliver progress, but who knows which direction this turns out to be 6 months from now. It's been 50 days and look what happened here following e.g. m0n0wall's announcement.

(1) Yes, apinger is a constant pain. Frankly, I would just ditch it from the code base completely, but there's two main reasons for having it as is: lots of people like using it as is and reworking this takes more time than it is worth looking at the bigger picture (FreeBSD 10.1, security updates, ports, network-related bugfixes). I am not sure what a sensible course of action is in this regard. Any help here is appreciated.

(2) We want to bring package support back in a revamped style: easier, more flexible and hopefully secure. This is an item for 15.7, so after July. I don't think tinc will be a default package for the images we release, but it is certainly a good addition to the toolbox.

Hope that helps,

Hey guys,

any update on tinc support?


Sorry, I lost track of this... I've added tinc to the available packages for 16.1.6 onwards:


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