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Install and initial impression feedback


Simple, works with Hyper-V and loving the interface.

The plugins are going to slow the uptake.

If you you get a simple proxy/https (MITM) install working you will hit a major pain point for users and this would increase uptake hugely, you only have to look at the pfsense forums to see this.

I really want to see this succeed, its what pfsense should look and feel like now, its interface has always been a little lack lustre, even from the very beginning..

Thanks for the hard work!

HI MBX, a bit late response.. but as you can imagine it is really busy these days..

Thank you for you feedback and positive comments!

A proxy and ids/ips it set to be included in the next full release 15.7 next july.
Also see our roadmap here:

Great news, sorry I missed that.

I will keep a close eye on this and see if I can get one in production in the DC somewhere.


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