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IPv6 gateway created and undeletable even though IPv6 switched off



I've probably got the wrong end of the stick here, so apologies in advance if I have...

I have just had BT Fibre installed, and it works great with OPNsense from the BT modem.
I have no use for IPv6, so have everything appropriate toggled off/disabled OPNSense side - I just use BT PPPoE IPv4.
However, when I setup the interface connected to the BT modem, two gateways are created for the interface: one suffixed *_GW with Address Family "IPv6", and one (that I use) suffixed *_PPPOE with Address Family "IPv4".

This doesn't cause a problem, but although I can disable the unused *_GW IPv6 gateway the status just gets stuck at "Pending" in OPNsense.  If I try and delete it, it initially gets removed in the UI, but then as soon as I apply the change it reappears as enabled (even if it was disabled).

I've dumped my configuration and the *_GW IPv6 gateway isn't referenced/used anywhere else in my config.

Is there a way to prevent the IPv6 gateway being automatically created or, if not, a way to delete it after it has been created, or is this normal behaviour if the modem is offering IPv6?


Two things:

The only way to circumvent an automatic gateway is to disable it. This is by design.

And for PPPoE it can have indirect side effect of IPv6 provided over PPPoE, but that case is relatively rare.


Ah, OK, thanks Franco.

I guess I was just a bit confused by the status of "Pending" when it is disabled.


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