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Mellanox SFP28 Card FEC and media settings



I'm using a Mellanox X5 Card in my Firewall. However, I need to do two settings which I struggle to find how to set it propperly:

- disable FEC
- disable autonegotiation
- set speed fixed to 25GBit

Currently, my "workaround" is to boot a linux, do the settings, reboot into opnsense and it works fine (until next power cycle)

A bit annoying, so I would love to figure out how to natively change those settings in Opnsense/Freebsd:

here are my Linux commands:

--- Code: ---:~# ethtool -s ens1f0np0 speed 25000 duplex full autoneg off
:~# ethtool --set-fec ens1f0np0 encoding off

--- End code ---
can anyone help?



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