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Support List of WIFI cards?

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Excellent! Thanks for the list I actually have an Atheros chip lying around I can try.

I'd recommend AR9280 and/or AR9462. Former has usually re-flashable firmware (can modify/rewrite firmware using software utilities. Sometimes you want to change regdom, output power slightly upwards or smth), latter is fine for abgn (can do AP for either 2,4Ghz/5-5,8Ghz band). But it's firmware can no longer be tinkered with.


I just bought the Atheros AR9280 AR5BHB92  card and unfortunately it is not recognized by opnsense.
Have you had the same problem?
I installed version 17.7 of opensense and tried to recompile the ath, ath_pci and ath_hal drivers without success
There are no trace of this card in pciconf -lv and  dmesg.boot

Thanks for you support.


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