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High RAM Usage


I'm testing Zenarmor since a couple of Days (free version) and as I logged into my Opnsense Dashboard this morning I saw, that the 75% of my RAM was used, , still growing (25Gig of 32Gig).

My first task was to restart Zenarmor and it freed ~10Gig. I'm Using the latest Version of Zenarmor and it is configured to act in Passive Mode (Reporting Only). What could be a reason?

Zenarmors statistics says, that I have 1200 unique local devices (don't realy believe that). Is my Memory not enough for that?

Are there any other things that I can check?

Thank you!

Hi c-mu,
Though I don't think that it is the reason for high ram usage, check whether "Anonymize IP address" option is enabled in your Zenarmor Configuration. It's located under Configuration -> Reports & Data -> Reports Data Management.  When you disable the option, it will fix the unique devices count.

It means 1200 internal IPs. And since I am a home user I never had that many IPs on my network. So, I manage easily with 16 GB RAM and at my mother's house Sensei is running upon a device with 4 GB RAM.


Please disable the Anonymize IP feature on Configuration - Reporting & Data - Anonymize Local IP - Anonymize Remote IP features.


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