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procedure setting up multiple alias ip on wan interface in HA setup



where running opnsense version 20.7.5 in a HA setup and i need to add alot of extra external ip adresses to the wan interface.

i'm wondering what the best procedure is to realise that. i'm reading a lot of different ways outside of the current manual. and i want to interupt the business as little as possible.

is it as simple as to create a ip alias and add the same vhid number as the primary wan has on the primary unit and create the same ip alias on the secundary unit with the same vhid as the primary wan again?

thanks for your time to read this and for a reply.

I could not get it to work and added multiple CARPs.
But at some point or somehow it work for others.

In my setup the alias was synced to the slave but the CARP was in dual master state after that.
Doc seems a bit outdated on that point stating you have to add the AlIAS on the slave by hand.

Could you please report youre findings?

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