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I poked around with Sensei when it was originally released for OPNsense. Cool product but I ended up uninstalling due to the closed source aspect of certain components.

In the time since, has anyone monitored WAN ingress/egress traffic of their Sensei installation to gauge frequency or (better yet) type of data being shared?


Edit: Subject revision to reflect change of product name. Concerns still not addressed 1 year after initial post.

Hi @firewall, thanks for bringing this up. I think we can also spare some time and help with such an effort.

[Disclaimer: I'm from the Sensei team]

I use sensei but dont monitor what it does. Its a very useful layer 7 filtering tool though.

I'm neither a security expert, nor a paranoid dabbler. So for me Sensei protection is optimal.

I use Sensei from the beginning (September 2018) and can't say a single bad word for anyone from the Sunnyvalley team. Worked mostly with Murat and Matt. If I don't trust them, who to trust then? Cisco? Fortinet? Sophos? Zyxel?
This is the best NGFW solution for me. Worldwide. Period.


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