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Since the industry has depreciated the use of SSL (and packages such as openSSL have evolved to support TLS), I think it is important to replace all mentions of SSL with TLS or some combination of the acronyms such as “SSL/TLS” “TLS/SSL” or “TLS (SSL)”.

The usage of terms that reflect the current technology should increase accessibility to the underlying concepts for users new to the technology.

Pages like system_advanced_admin.php should be the first to see the change.

I've seen both being used interchangeably in the industry for many years and this is unlikely to shift. SSL, although insecure when describing protocols, is nothing but the base idea behind TLS, which had its name changed because SSL belongs to Netscape.

TLS libraries are called PolarSSL, OpenSSL, LibreSSL...

The choice between "TLS (SSL)" "TLS/SSL" and "SSL/TSL" and so forth are confusing in itself and cause even more inconsistency in the long run. Was it TLS/SSL or SSL/TLS again?

Best bet would be to slowly relace SSL with TLS where appropriate, all patches welcome.

Also, a bulk change will destroy all translations of a particular text string, so that's another point to consider before changing the world. :)


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