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Local Only IPv6 network


I want to create a "local only" network which can ONLY be accessed inside my local network. But I am currently struggling to setup IPv6 for it. As the devices in this network should not access the internet the do not need Global Unicast Address but I want to give them Unique Local Adresses.

Going to the interface settings I tried to select the right IPv6 configuration type. But they all seem not to be the right:
 - None -> I do want to setup IPv6
 - DHCPv6 -> on this network there is no DHCPv6 server OPNsense shall be it
 - 6rd/6to4 Tunnel -> I do not want to tunnel IPv6
 - Track Interface -> I do not want to track another interface as this network shall not get any GUA
 - SLAAC -> This only gives Link Local Unicast addresses

So what am I missing or is this feature not supported?

Set it to 'Static IPv6' and enter a ULA, prefix length 64. You can then configure the DHCPv6 server and Router Advertisements in the 'Services' section. You might want to disable 'Advertise Default Gateway' in the RA settings.




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