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[SOLVED] Transparent Proxy and Captive Portal Authentication

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I have only "redirect traffic to proxy" NAT rule and this is not working properly with Captive Portal.
Traffic is not routed to the Captive Portal Login page.

How do I do that?

In addition, HTTPS traffic is not working at all, this is a separate issue!

--- Code: ---# Ports     IP          Ports   Description
80 (HTTP)   3128    redirect traffic to proxy

--- End code ---

Does anyone have a knowledge of it?

I have the same problem. Can I use Captive Portal with Transparent Proxy in the same LAN ?

Do you have a solution ?

There is an issue in the packet filter chaining in FreeBSD, which we use. ipfw (Captive Portal) and pf (NAT) are executed in a chain and pf makes packages disappear so users will not end up in the Captive Portal.

The problem is the FreeBSD stance is "use both at your own risk" and so we are now digging through the kernel code of FreeBSD to find a solution. There is a very similar issue with the Captive Portal and Multi-WAN.

It's not a simple scripting issue. We hope to fix this for 17.1.

Ad found a better way for 16.7.5: one can how edit your captive portal zone to use the HTTP or HTTPS proxy directly. I'm marking this solved. :)


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