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Title: Install problems 18.7 nano
Post by: jonakarl on October 05, 2018, 07:51:42 pm

I flashed the nano image to a new flashcard (32GB sony, good qualty card) but it gets stuck at boot after detecting the flashcard reader  (one time it also got stuck after loading the cdrom driver).
Tried to reflash it with the same result. Both flashcard and flashcardreader tested and works.

The machine I tried to boot is a Dell poweredge r610 updated with latest firmware and bios levels. The flashcard is mounted in the builtin flashcard reader.

If someone wonders why I tried to use the flashcard instead of ie the raidcard of the server is that freebsd hangs while loading the raid card driver (linux and freedos works so no HW fault).

I start to think that the server is jinxed by some bsd demon.