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Title: Outgoing Problems with 1x WAN + 1x OPNVPN Client to feste-ip.net: DNS broken?
Post by: fdiskc2000 on October 02, 2018, 11:59:11 am
Hi there,

i´m getting mad with my problem. Perhaps anyone can push me to the right direction, because i´m an absolut beginner with opnsense.

Internet-Router is a Fritzbox 7490 which is managing my actual home network ( There is a piHole DNS inside this network, provided as DNS by Fritzbox-DHCP.
My opnsense (18.7.4) is a client within this network, connected with WAN @ DHCP.
There is also a LAN-Interface (Standard with some clients for testing.

The opnsense itself is connecting to feste-ip.net to get a fixed IPv4 by VPN-Tunnel, which is connected and traffic comes in.

When the VPN Client (TUN-device) is connected, the opnsense seems to have DNS Problems, as opnsense update, traceroute etc. doesn´t work or need veeeeeery long time.
I don´t want traffic to go out the VPN for now, but seems the firewall wants to go this way?
Firewall Rules blocking traffic from LAN -> VPN don´t work.

What am i missing?
Many thanks for some help.