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Title: HAProxy Subfolder and HAProxy + Lets Encrypt
Post by: jinn on September 03, 2018, 03:50:00 pm
I tested opnsense on the weekend and found some problems. I would like to write the questions from yesterday (irc) again here

Hello guys, im testing opnSENSE for our company this weekend. Currently I have a problem with HAProxy + letsencrypt. I have created a public service listening on port 80. Here are two rules stored: redirect_acme and redirect_to_https.
In this combination, I can not create certificates with lets encrypt and get an error. If I remove the rule "redirect_to_https" it works fine.
Is it possible to build in any kind of priority so that the lets_encrypt rule
is always checked first? with "test syntax" I receive the following message: a 'http-request' rule placed after a 'use_backend' rule will still be processed before.

In addition, subfolders are not externally accessible. Is it possible to configure HAProxy in such a way that subfolders are always used internally and externally same?

domain.com -> server.local
domain.com/sf1 -> server.local/sf1
domain.com/sf2 -> server.local/sf2