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Title: How to set up DNS resolver and NAT for VPN usage?
Post by: supermag on July 21, 2018, 01:42:22 pm
Hello, following the "how to " for my VPN provider, I got the VPN client to connect.
The only thing that I cannot firgure out is how to set the Outbound NAT Entry correctly, and NAT rulses since i cannot find the gateway option. I have found and set up the DNS servers under settings/general.
They are :    port  53    port  53
The reason I am using opnsense is that Pfsense currently has a bug that causes the openvpn to not work with my provider.
I have simply given up on Pfsense after a full day of trying to get it to work, even my providers support does not figure out what the problem is.

This is how the DNS resolver is supposed to be set up if used with Pfsense:
I cannot figure out how it is supposed to look on OPNsense.

The NAT rules was easy, but I am including the
NAT rules from my provider just in case: