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Title: Custom firewall rule will do what is required if logging is specified
Post by: phlander on July 08, 2018, 01:04:50 pm
I am interested in your OPNsense solution. I’m reaching out to you regarding a specific requirement I have and to see if OPNsense can provide solution/configuration

I need one option in particular: to store and access all passthrough connections for specified IPs and/or IP ranges. To clarify I don’t need to log the individual (header) packets only metadata / connection data need to be stored.

Can this be achieved with OPNsense over the Interface Reports menu and/or the Log Viewer menu for example?

The metadata / connection data needs to be stored on the local drive and be exportable either in bulk or pre-filtered (for example: export log of IP X.X.X.X)

Thank you for clarifying and for your input.

All the best,