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Title: firewall rules issue
Post by: witte1000 on May 14, 2018, 11:13:30 pm
Hello OPNsense,

I'm a newbie and testing OPNsense at my home for getting it implemented on my work,
And I followed https://wiki.opnsense.org/manual/how-tos/sslvpn_client.html
Everything went very smooth and easy but it seems having lot's of trouble with setting the firewall rules which I first did it auto with the wizard and don't understand it anymore, looking around but not really answers to my questions.

The problem I'm facing is that I cannot connect to my internal sites https or ssh to my internal servers over the OpenVPN.
The connection from public to OpenVPN is working very well with the TOTP and I'm very glad with that, and having an ip
On the firewall logs I see that the ip is allowed but when making a connection then after some time getting connection time out and this on https and ssh.

The OPNsense has a dynamic public ip with forwarding 1194 to WAN => openvpn is working ok
The LAN has => opnsense gui
The NAT => Automatic outbound NAT rule generation

What I'm doing wrong here ???
Some screenshots in the attachments of the allowed connection but don't getting the connection => connection time out

Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,