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Title: dyndns don't update ip
Post by: isAG on March 28, 2018, 11:01:36 am

I have a special config. opnsense with 2x wan interface. One interface directly connectet with static /29 subnet and the other interface is a local subnet with some router that don't support my dyndns provider spdyn and no other custom dns, so opnsense must update ip. Router has opnsense has, so default WANGW is 2.2 for clients. DynDns is configured on that interface.


Here you see the log of spdyn, opnsense did not update last days, also...this should be checked every hour and not one or two times a day!? first log entry seems okay, cause i clicked save, and force update...


Ip in overview was the old one and red, after going in configuration and click on save and force update, it got green ...