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Title: 18.5 ZeroTier interface does not come back up after upgrade
Post by: rwtsk8 on March 26, 2018, 08:08:25 am

I have three sites that have a ZeroTier mesh setup. For the most part, I followed the how-to guide to set this up. I updated two of the sites to 18.5 over the weekend and in both cases, the ZeroTier interface failed to start up after reload so my site to site VPN no longer worked.  I have static IPs set on the three ZeroTier interfaces, all from the same private /24.  I couldn't get it to work if I had automatic assignments turned on within my.zerotier.

On reload, they don't seem to load the assigned IP. The first two sites I got working again by disabling and enabling the ZeroTier interface but the remaining site I will have to physically visit if the VPN connection doesn't come back up. I am not sure if these are the first time I have rebooted the devices since getting the VPN working so I am not sure if this is upgrade related or reboot related.

Screenshot has all ZeroTier related messages from system log.  Just wondering if I need to change how the IPs are assigned if the interface cannot properly recover from a reboot.  Thank you.