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Title: VGA Resolution
Post by: sedace on February 19, 2018, 06:29:02 pm

I just updated from 17.x to 18.1.2 today and all seems well.  Props to all those who worked on this project!

2 Questions:

1) Is there any way to adjust the VGA console resolution?  I have tried vidcontrol -i MODE to list alternative modes and none appear in the results (I just the column headers for the modes and nothing else).  I have an intel celeron J1800 based device with VGA output.   My LCD monitor is aliasing the text pretty badly so it's difficult to read when I do need to use it, regardless of whether or not I use EFI Console or VGA Console in the System: Settings: Administration for primary console and Use the virtual terminal driver (vt) is enabled.  I don't want to break future upgrade path by messing with the kernel / boot configurations, but perhaps there is something I missed that may be worth looking into.   I'm willing to experiment a bit if it's not too crazy. 

2) On a similar path, is there any way to leverage my local VGA console to show log messages or system health / statistics without logging into the console as root and running something like systat -ifstat?  I looked into creating a new user account but it seems like I'd need to assign admin level accounts to login to the local console (This is a controlled / personal install and I'm not all that worried about physical security, but I am aware of the risks).  Maybe there's another way I'm not familiar.   Perhaps best to just leave it alone? Just had to ask as I'm curious.