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Title: New user
Post by: The_Penguin on January 30, 2018, 05:04:25 am
Hi all. Noob here, sort of. New to OPNsense, but have used a number of similar systems, including PF.
I've never run a commercial router in a box at home. I started with RedHat linux back when you had to re-compile the kernel just to do NAT. Still on dial-up at the time,  it used to kick off a modem dial when someone on the network wanted the internet.  Did my own ipchains/iptables under RedHat/Centos for years for my home family network, and homelab.
It got to the point though, where I'd not touch it for months, then need to add something in a hurry, and would be a bit foggy on how to do it, especially when I needed to do hairpin (NAT reflection).
At work we had a Sonicwall, then a Juniper SSG, and now a Meraki MX, so I got a bit spoiled with easy to use GUIs so I figured it was time to simplify. Started with Untangle. Liked it, but didn't want to pay for advanced features. Then tried PF. Liked it too, and used it for quite a while. Switched from running in a VM to running on a Qotom mini pc (got tired of annoyed family members if I needed to to maintenance on the hypervisor, and dropped the Internet).  Weeks after buying my first Qotom I heard about the upcoming limitation with not having AES-Ni. Great timing. I was not impressed. Turns out my mom needed a decent router so she got that one, I ordered a new one with AES-Ni. Shortly after, I needed to evaluate the Sophos UTM for work.
Tried it, and really liked it. But between large family dinners and all the cell phones, and doing the odd port scan, I'd sometimes drift over my 50 IP limit.
So I decided to go back to PF, but as luck would have it, I happened upon the drama in /r/homelab (you know the threads I'm talking about  ;) ) and decided on OPNsense.  Day 3, so far so good.  Populating Unbound DNS from DHCP seems a bit hit and miss, but otherwise no complaints yet.  Oops I wrote a novel, sorry.
Title: Re: New user
Post by: mimugmail on January 30, 2018, 06:34:05 am
Welcome and great to have you here! :)
I was also around in the thread you mentioned .. if the people would stay objetive the topics wont get deleted ;)
Title: Re: New user
Post by: franco on January 30, 2018, 07:18:23 am
Hi there!

What trouble did you have with Unbound and DHCP?


PS: I think that at some point even objectiveness is futile in a systematically tainted environment.

Title: Re: New user
Post by: The_Penguin on January 30, 2018, 02:35:38 pm
Hi there!

What trouble did you have with Unbound and DHCP?

I found that a workstation would obtain a lease, but Unbound would not resolve it until a restart of the service.
Seems to me there was another poster with the same issue. Not a huge deal.  I'm still on 17.7.12