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Title: System: High Availability GUI Corruption
Post by: mestafin on January 18, 2018, 04:40:19 pm

I am using the System: High Availability GUI page to manage the CARP setup between two OPNsense units. Everythung is working fine, except that one of the units crashed and since then, there is a corruption in GUI two input fields

The IP address field of the Synchronize Peer IP and the Synchronize Config to IP has an old value ( that is never erased. See screenshot attached.

Before i do a save of the page, I have to manually update the ip fields to the correct value ( and then click on save. It accepts and use the correct value, as the sync etc all works.

However, after the save is done, the old value of returns again immediately. Before the next save, I have to overwrite it again.

I have checked, the wrong value is not in the xml config file that I downloaded and uploaded again. The web GUI is picking it up from somewhere else.

Any ideas where and and how I can get rid of this value?