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Title: OpenVPN Issues
Post by: topslakr on December 26, 2017, 04:54:07 pm
Hello All,

Until recently, OpenVPN has been running great on my PC Engines APU device flawlessly. Now though, the tunnel gets really spotty whenever data is sent over it...

If I'm running a ping, ping times will be 60-90ms and MTR shows good, reliable traces between my laptop and endpoints both on the network behind the OPNSense router, and through tunnel and out onto the internet.

If, however, data is requested ping times jump to 4-12 SECONDS and 50% or more of them are dropped. Once the data requested has trickled in the tunnel re-stabilizes and all is well.

Obviously, when the tunnel is moving data some drop off in the ping performance is expected but this is far beyond that. The tunnel is all but useless now, and I'm not even sure where to look for issues. Beyond updates, the OPNSense side has not changed at all... nor has the client side. It's the same laptop that was running perfectly a few weeks ago.

I've tried making a connection from other locations and other types of connections but the performance is the same. If I make a connection from my office, my cell phone... my parents house, etc., I can create the tunnel and ping without issue but when I try to load a web page, or make an SSH connection across the tunnel, performance drops off a cliff.

Any idea where I can look to track this down? Load averages on the router are very low (.10 to .20 usually), and I'm running the latest 17.7.11 version of OPNSense.. and I rebooted just this AM, but it didn't make a difference. I'm trying to parse through the recently changes to OpenVPN through OPNSense updates but nothing is jumping out at me...

Any help would be most welcome!