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Title: Proposed changes for "Configuring LDAP"
Post by: weust on December 09, 2017, 01:27:58 pm
The documentation on Configuring LDAP has an error in the text that makes Active Directory (don't know about OpenLDAP or Novell eDirectory) confusing to configure.


Under Step 1 there is a list of things to fill in. The Bind Credentials part is wrong.
At User DN you need to fill in <username>@<domain name> like ldap@opnsense.local.
As it is now, it won't work when doing the container search.

For the record, domain\username works too, but is Pre-2000 and should really not be used anymore.
It works fine, just old skool.

Last, there is a small typo under Step 5: "configureS" should be "configureD", without the capitol letters of course.