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Title: clam-av bug in port?
Post by: Stephan on October 11, 2017, 06:44:20 pm
Hi there,

I have a problem with clamd. We've installed squid with c-icap and clam-av.
Last time there was a zip download from http://downloads.music-group.com/software/behringer/X32/Behringer_XUF_USB_Drv_V6_13_0_arch_signed.zip (http://downloads.music-group.com/software/behringer/X32/Behringer_XUF_USB_Drv_V6_13_0_arch_signed.zip)
Clamd crashed while scanning this file with signal 11. We can reproduce this @least after a clean reboot. When restarting clamd and c-icap most of the times it's working.
I already reported this at clamav.net bug report.
Meanwhile I've installed the freebsd ports and recompiled clam-av. At moment it seems to work - I still have to watch this.

So my question is if there's someone with a squid/c-icap/clamd setup who could help me to test if his scanner also fails with this file?
That would be really helpful!

Thanx & cheers,  Stephan

[Edit]: I locally downloaded the file to the fw and do the scans at the console with
Code: [Select]
clamdscan --verbose ./Behringer_XUF_USB_Drv_V6_13_0_arch_signed.zip