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Title: OPNsense default gateway switch
Post by: viktor on October 11, 2017, 09:17:20 am

openvpn setup:
 - latest openvpn version (17.7.5)
 - 2 wan links with static ip's (static ip configuration on interfaces)
 - wan failover group (tier1-tier2/member down) (all LAN traffic router via wan_failover GW)
 - WAN_1_GW - default gw ( via WAN_1_GW)

issue description:
"System-Gateways-All-WAN_2_GW-Edit-Default gateway-check-Save"

 - when i'm connected to router from WAN and trying to change default gateway, i'm loosing all the connectivity to opnsense (icmp, vpn, port forwarding)

 - wan_failover group works fine though. people from LAN still having internet connection

it looks like opnsense disable old default route and does not enable new one

as it turned out it's required to press Apply button to apply settings
but it's impossible to do when you're making changes from WAN
i guess you need to do save and apply in one step (in GW edit dialog)

added issue on github
Title: Re: OPNsense default gateway switch
Post by: franco on October 12, 2017, 08:30:57 pm
Hi Victor,

Thanks, we'll discuss on GitHub. :)