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Title: Comparing VPN Protocols to PPTP
Post by: pom007 on September 11, 2017, 07:41:35 am
       Although it may be clear that almost all VPN encryption technologies have been certified and developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Edward Snowden's latest disclosure suggests that the NSA is trying to destroy and decode these technologies. For years it has been a shocking thing. So the question is, "Are these VPN technologies really safe?"
       The major difference between the VPN protocol and what affects the user before discusses the main concepts of encryption and the impact of encryption attacks by the NSA that affect many VPN users. Millions of people around the world

       Point-to-Point Tunneling, developed by the association founded by Microsoft Corporation, has created a Virtual Private Network on dial-up networking and has used the standard VPN protocol since its inception by the first VPN protocol. Supported by the Windows named PPTP, this has been achieved by using several proven methods, such as MS_CHAP v2, which is most popular.
Devices and platforms that support VPNs will have standardized PPTP, and because of this, you can easily install it. It is the primary choice for VPN providers and businesses. In addition, this implementation uses only a small amount of computing resources, which makes this VPN protocol one of the fastest protocols available. Exist
       However, despite the current 128-bit encryption, there are still some security holes, especially MS-CHAP v2 Authentication. This is not encapsulated, so PPTP can be decoded within 2 days. And although this bug is fixed by Microsoft, the tech giant has suggested that VPN users choose to use SSTP or L2TP. Because PPTP is not as secure as it should be. So we are not surprised that the decoding of PPTP-encrypted communications is almost normal for the NSA. However, the more worrying is that they have decoded so many older encrypted data. By security experts, in the past it was believed that PPTP was a secure protocol.

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