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Title: Is it possible to use hosts aliases from firewall section into proxy acl's?
Post by: dataseg on April 04, 2017, 04:16:50 pm
Hello, OPNsense team! please, excuse my english...
First, congratulations for your excellent work.
I plan to use OPNsense 17.1 in the local subnet of my enterprise, trying to enforce security in our LAN by configuring the network with the firewall, proxy and IDS services according with our policies.
So far with the firewall part, everything seems OK in tests, as we define the "common sense" rules to allow only traffic to/from our LAN and our 'parent' ISP.
Still untouched the intrusion detection part.
In the proxy configuration I can't see a way to differentiate users and/or hosts to allow different access levels to some urls or websites. For example: users A and B will have access to some sites, and users C and D to another sites.
Also, I defined an alias with the IPs from some users, hoping to use it in the acl definition of the proxy, but that's not possible, I think.

Please, can someone give me some tips?

Best regards,
Daniel Tase Guerra