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Title: Setting up the WAN interface with cloud hosted 'dedibox'
Post by: dbzboubou on February 16, 2017, 10:20:06 am
Hi All,
I am new using OPNSense.
I have bought a dedicated server in the cloud with the provider name 'online.net' (a dedibox).
I have installed VMware ESXi on this server.
I have 1 public IP address used by the ESXi itself.

As there is no possibility of port forwarding with this provider, I have bought another public IP address and I want to use OPNSense in order to create a LAN with NAT.

I have installed OPNSense and I want now to configure the network on the WAN interface.

The provider says that the interface must be configured as per the following:
    address 163.x.x.x "myIP"
    pointopoint 62.x.x.1 "ProviderGateway"
    gateway 62.x.x.1 "ProviderGateway"

I have 2 problem to apply this configuration.
1. It does not look possible to have a /32 ( subnet with OPNSense
2. It does not look possible either to have a gateway that is not on the same subnet that the IP address

I am not a network or linux expert but I guess I have to add a route.

The documentation from the provider in order to configure FreeBSD does not seems to work. It says:
launch vi /etc/rc.conf
and ass the following line
ifconfig_em0_alias0="inet YourIP netmask"

But rc.conf does not seems to exist.

Can you please help?

Many thanks