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Title: High-availability setup questions
Post by: rajo on January 31, 2017, 10:44:54 am
Hi there,

I'm currently considering to use opnsense. At the moment I'm investigating the HA features and have some questions: the tutorial basically covers the use of a LAN/WAN interface with CARP and then having two firewalls working in a HA setup.

My network scenario is somewhat different, though and I'm not sure, whether HA is possible here, and if so, how. I have a redundant core router ( from each there's a link to a firewall and from there to a single edge switch ( behind (see attached image). The current setup involves iptables on linux with bonded interfaces and spanning-tree on the switches and so on. Now, as the firewall doesn't have (and need) IPs (except for its management interface), how would I setup HA/CARP with opnstack here?

Any hints?