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Title: LAN outbound through OPT1 to OPT6
Post by: wadeed on December 02, 2016, 03:03:52 am
Hi folks,

I am new to OPNsense and I am in need of some assistance. I have scoured google and the OPNsense forums and tried several methods with no luck.

I have setup OPNsense on a VMWare host in the cloud. I have 8 IPs and created 8 virtual NICs which I added to OPNsense as interfaces. I have a number of servers on the LAN interface and I would like each of them to go out to the internet via a different public IP.

By default, all outbound traffic is going out over the WAN interface and I was able to NAT the public IPs from the OPT1 to OPT6 interfaces back to the internal servers.

LAN IP1 -> outbound -> OPT1
LAN IP2 -> outbound -> OPT2
LAN IP3 -> outbound -> OPT3

I have tried adding Virtual IPs (as proxy arp and as IP alias), I have tried outbound NAT rules and I have tried 1:1 NAT and the traffic always seems to go out over the WAN interface.

I am sure I missing something simple but I have no idea what it is.