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Title: MLPPP performance problem [NOT SOLVED] Bounty?$
Post by: bb-mitch on November 29, 2016, 03:15:08 am
We are in the process of converting a lot of our routing over to opnsense from pfsense...

And I think we may have another candidate. But I'm trying to avoid making my life harder ;-)

We have an MLPPP install which is causing us grief. The safe choice was to set up MLPPP on the hardware which had pfsense, but now we have a rather bizarre issue - maybe changing to opnsense will correct it if the issue results from the config?

The MLPPP setup "works", but the recommendations from the ISP were to have unique per path logins. There are config notes for both an RB750, and a Cisco 871k9 - but not for pfsense or opnsense (yet) - we've used these type of setups before and have not previously noticed this issue - but I can't say for sure it hasn't happened.

The issue seems to be:

The Cisco style config involves OSPF config, etc. the RB750 config seems more akin to what pf / opn expects

Here is the thread - https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=121781.0

Does anyone think this issue would be addressed by a change?

Can we prove that by hacking the pf config?

Thank you!!

Title: Re: MLPPP performance problem [NOT SOLVED] Bounty$?
Post by: bb-mitch on November 29, 2016, 04:08:13 pm
We're going to prep a box with the latest 16.7 and see if we have different results...

If there are any MLPPP guru's out there I'd be willing to pay for help with this issue.

As succintly as possible (this is pf - will be converting to opn now but want to fix in the process - not rebuild the same problem).

- iperf to WAN = PERFECT
- FTP from box = single link speed down / bonded speed up
- FTP from behind = single link speed down / packet loss & SLOW up

I have suggested configs for a cisco 871 and an RB750.